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Extend the Experience on Saturday, July 26th at 2pm, with the Pacific Wildlife Care and Otis the Long Eared owl!  Jeri Roberts from the Pacific Wildlife Care will give a presentation at 2pm and 2:30pm about Otis.  He came to the PWC as a nestling.  His nest was destroyed by crows looking for eggs, and when it was knocked down from the tree his two siblings died in the fall.  Otis survived with a fractured wing and was brought to the PWC, where his wing was stabilized.  Physical therapy was tried, but the wing never healed properly and hasn’t worked again.  Otis is unable to fly well enough to live or hunt in the wild.  He is now an advocate for the work the PWC does and an educator for rescuing wildlife.  If you want more information about the work that the Pacific Wildlife Care does in this community, please check out their website. eared owl


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