Computers 4 Youth

The Computers 4 Youth program mission is to collect, refurbish, and distribute older technology desktop computers to school-age children, families and others in need of a computer with limited means to purchase a new one.

What you need to qualify for one of our computers: A completed application (available below), a letter of referral from an authorized social services representative and $30.00. If you have questions please contact our office at (805) 473-1421 or email

Click to download an English application

Click to download a Spanish application

What kind of a computer will you get?
You will receive a desktop computer with an Intel or AMD processor of 2800 MHz or faster, 300 gigabyte hard drive or larger, 4 gigabytes of RAM, CD drive, sound card, keyboard, mouse, all power cords and cables. The system has Windows 10 Pro installed with the Libre office applications, educational games and tutorials. Most machines will not have a floppy disk drive since those are not on most of the machines we receive. Some machines may not have a modem for phone line connection since not all machines support that any more. If you  know you will be using telephone service (“dial up”) let us know and we will try to satisfy your needs.

We are a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher and your machine has a fully legal license attached.

What we have done so far:

  • Over 5,000 computers recycled.
  • 3,000 computers have been given to families, seniors, veterans and non-profit organizations.
  • Refurbish work is being done by volunteers.
  • Everything is done with minimum monetary support.

How/where can I donate my computer to the program?
Donations of your old equipment can be brought to the Exploration Station facility, 867 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach, With operations shut down currently due to the restrictions on non-essential businesses this will be discontinued for the time being.

What is an acceptable computer donation today?
A standard complete computer system includes a CPU tower, keyboard, monitor, and mouse.  However, we accept these donations of electronics, working or not, and if they cannot be refurbished, the parts will be recycled properly and the proceeds will benefit our ongoing programs at the Exploration Station. As stated above current restrictions prevent donations.

If you have some skills and a desire to learn and have fun, we’re the place to volunteer! Come see us on a Wednesday afternoon and watch our group in action, taking computer donations, rebuilding them, salvaging valuable parts from machines not suitable for rebuilding, and presenting “a new computer” to local families. We’re helping people, filling a need in the community, and we have fun!

Until further notice by the state and county.